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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find instructions & solutions to common questions.

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  1. How do I Scan documents in to DocSTAR ?                                                                        
  2. How do I Import documents in to DocSTAR ?  READ MORE  
  3. How do I Retrieve documents from DocSTAR ?  READ MORE  
  4. How do I run the Disk Duplicator program?  READ MORE  
  6. Why is my Host light  ORANGE?  READ MORE  
  7. Why is my Host light RED?  READ MORE  
 10. What is a !Deferred Archiving Exception?  READ MORE  
 11. What is a !Deferred Filing Exception?  READ MORE  
 12. How do I format a DVD-RAM disk?  READ MORE  
 13. How do I manually change the Archive Volume Label Number?  READ MORE  
 14. What is the correct label name for the Volume disk?  READ MORE  
 16. How do I turn on (or turn off) the thumbnail views in Version 3.ten & 3.eleven?  READ MORE  
 18.  READ  MORE